With love to detail, Procos once again combines design and a close look to the detail that matters. Procos introduces the »Pourquoi pas bag«, evolving from a cooperation with the designer Giorgio Fabbi.

The highlight of this paper bag are the handles. They become a major part of the bag’s design by placing them dominantly on the outer part of the gusset. By using different materials for the handles, this look can be easily adapted to any carrier bag. Ribbons with patterns can be eye-catching, an emphasis on satin ribbons can complete a luxury design of a bag. There are almost no limits for creativity: cords, strings or ribbons can be used as well to reinforce an exclusive look.

A straight folding construction along the gusset was particularly designed to fit this purpose. Hardly any folding lines visually distract from the bag and handle esthetic. Yet, it ensures a clean, luxurious appearance of the bag.

As with all of Procos custom-made bags, the »Pourquoi pas bag« can be provided with eco-friendly paper solutions, as well as any brand paper mill or Procos premium paper.

The press has already taken notice of this innovative carrier bag construction as well, read about it here.