Luxury packaging by experts


Shine bright at the point of sale with Procos.

We take care of project management, production monitoring and logistics with dedication.

Just choose your product and leave the rest to us!

Exclusivity. Flexibility. Diversity.

We produce exclusive carrier bags made of every material imaginable, in every possible shape and in small, large or even huge lot sizes. Made of laminated or natural paper, with or without lacquer. With handles in ribbon or cord, round or flat, in textile fibers or in papers.

Ask for our eco-friendly products

Choose eco-friendly products made from alternative materials and resource-saving processes. Our materials have up to 100% recycled content.

Years of experience

Till today we have produced more than 60,000,000 bags of luxury bags and delivered them worldwide. And if you like being the first, we will help you develop innovations that the world has never seen before.

Our boxes perfectly reflect your brand!

For all the precious things that should be packaged in a particularly distinguished way,  you can rely on our experience with individually produced boxes.

Lots of possibilities

Gift boxes without magnetic closure or with a ribbon, tuck-in boxes and slip-on lid boxes are developed and produced analogously to your brand design.

Space saving and clever

For shop operators with little storage space particularly interesting:  collapsible boxes are the solutions.  These can be stored flat and erected to full size when needed.

The perfect packaging solutions for online retailers

With our luxury e-commerce boxes, we show how much we care about your customer’s experience when they shop your precious goods online. 

The customer’s experience of shopping is split in 2 moments: selecting the goods online and receiving the goods.  We can help to change the receipt of the purchase item to a shopping experience  as your goods deserve it and as you want it to be!

Easy. Diverse. Unique.

Through a well designed and produced shipping box and an optional inner box,  our luxury e-commerce boxes offer more than the online shopper expects.

An indispensable part of the online world: the “WOW” effect

Our luxury e-commerce boxes captivate through a corrugated board with design only on the inside. Our foldable inner boxes are easy to build, easy to store, and easy to open. We produce these inner boxes also within our “eco-friendly” material-line as well as in an “ultra light” version with our Yoga light box.

Stage your brand perfectly at the right moment

What could be better than the anticipation of being able to unpack something? Cotton, satin and silk ribbons with your logo add extra refinement to your packaging and bring your brand to the center of attention at the most exciting moment.

Feel your brand

To limit the enjoyment not only to seeing, we carry out the imprint with embossed finishing, so that your brand is tactile experience.

Delicate luxury fabric articles for your precious items

Our fabric pouches and bags made of soft or robust material protect the valuable contents of your packaging. Wether cotton, Tencel®  or RPET – together with you we will find the optimal packaging to best represent your brand.

Discreet & classy

Are you searching for the best way to protect delicate items, wrap valuables, and do justice to the exquisite? 

Then you need look no further than our tissue paper and tags or stickers to personalise your packaging. It enhances the perceived value of your products and discreetly places your brand in the consumer’s field of vision.