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Luxury packaging & sustainability

Sustainability is of central importance to the packaging industry. With innovations in the field of packaging and ever more flexible and resource-saving packaging systems, we make our contribution to sustainability.

Our goal for sustainability in the packaging industry

Our goal is to develop solutions that reduce the consumption of resources in packaging by using recycled materials, as much as possible. We always develop new strategies to meet the demands of tomorrow : mono-material packaging, use of recycled and recyclable materials, reduction of material weight, CO² emission reduction.

Our involvement

We are constantly optimising our products and manufacturing processes in order to make them even more environmentally friendly. That’s why we use on demand FSC®-certified raw materials and offer fully compostable packaging and mineral oil-free printing.

Workshops for our customers

In workshops, we provide our customers with information to support sustainable design and printing, so they can incorporate environmental friendliness into their product choices.

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We are all part of the same limited living space and live on the same resources. 

That is why we are aware of our responsibility for sustainable actions. 

For this reason, we continuously optimize our products and processes with regard to environmental compatibility and research new solutions together with our suppliers and partners. For example, we can now offer fully compostable packaging, products made from recycled materials or FSC®-certified raw materials as well as mineral oil-free printing.

Our high manufacturing standards continue in the areas of environmental compatibility and social responsibility. We also offer production in factories certified to SA 8000 (social standards), ISO 9001 (quality management), ISO 14001 (environmental management).


Is recycled paper really as environmentally friendly as we think?

In the past, it was criticized that the extra energy consumed in recycling minimizes the savings in using recycled paper compared to unbleached paper. However, evaluations by the Environmental Defense Fund and the Alliance for Environmental Innovation show clear environmental benefits for recycled paper:

Sustainability - Less energy consumption
Sustainability - Fewer greenhouse gasses
Sustainability - Less paper waste
Sustainability - Less solid waste

Which certificates should you pay attention to?

In the 1990s, organizations began to certify companies meeting established standards for sustainable forestry. Two of these organizations are the Forest Stewardship Council® and the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. You can rest assured that paper comes from a responsible source if it is FSC ® or SFI certified (while SFI is less known in Europe).