Seasonable articles are not an exception anymore. Undeniably limited editions push sales, especially of luxury articles. It urges customers to be among the few selected people to own this special product. Suitable packaging solutions can underline the exclusivity, appeal the customer or make the limited collection stand out.

Due to these positive effects, higher costs are considered and authorized. But how does it add it up in the end? In many cases, not all generated costs are taken into account. Effort for designers, marketing and sales departments remain similar, regardless of the quantity produced. However, smaller quantities of limited packaging solutions lead to higher production costs compared to projects for mass production. Shorter timings, pushing towards a faster production and express freight charges can add to the costs.


The »convertible bag« combines cost effectiveness of mass production while still being flexible enough to personalize the paper bag. The general basis of the bag, including the handles, can be produced on a large scale. The patented construction makes it possible to exchange the outside cover of the bag. It is easily replaceable and can be used for special editions, product launches, seasonal greetings or even a 100 % personalization for loyal customers as »thank you for your purchase Mr. Smith«.

At the same time, the convertible bag is an environmental friendly alternative. Once the limited edition is over, merely the cover is disposed. The basic construct of the bag remains to be used. This also reduces the amount of bags to be thrown away if they are out of season.

This bag which came to life after the meeting between the Italian Designer Giorgio Fabbi and Leander Kritikos, CEO of Procos.

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