Celebrate colours with Procos! 

Procos, a German manufacturer of high-end packaging, designs customised, connected and eco-responsible shopping bags, hard cases, folding cases, garment bags, paper and woven pouches for luxury brands. Procos is a partner of the biggest brands in the fashion, perfume, cosmetics, decoration, jewellery, wine and spirits sectors. 

A source of inspiration that influences the state of mind, colour is a symbolic value that also inspires packaging solutions and this year makes way for concepts with vibrant colours. 

Every year new products. Every year new designs.

It is by imagining new packaging that respects the codes of the brands that Procos has reinforced its position as a key player and it is in this spirit that Procos, creator of sensations, unveils its brand new shopping bag: New Material

Procos has taken the challenge of imagining a bag with a refined and modern design capable of sharing its energy with the brands.

This smooth single material kraft bag (with its paper tape handles) can replace coated paper without lamination and therefore without plastic. Very resistant, it is the ideal product to give a smooth aspect, to reveal the colours and to make them more vivid. This bag is still in line with the desire to develop eco-responsible product packaging for customers, all the materials used being FSC® mix certified. 

This new bag guarantees all the functions expected of packaging: protection, resistance, support, design… This collection is fully customisable in terms of design and decoration. 

The bags designed by Procos compete with charm and always respond to the trends of the moment for products that are as sober as they are premium.