Procos, a German manufacturer of high-end packaging, designs personalized, eco-friendly shopping bags, rigid boxes, folding boxes, garment bags, paper or woven pouches for luxury brands. Procos is a partner of the leading brands in the fashion, perfume, cosmetics, decoration, jewelry, wine and spirits sectors.

Sustainable development is one of Procos’ priorities 

Eco-design is an opportunity for innovation that must be integrated into a global approach. It is not a question of replacing one material with another, but of designing a product as a whole, without forgetting its future when it is recycled.


« To commit to a sustainable development policy is a duty. At Procos, we accompany and advise brands in the transformation of their secondary packaging for even greater sustainability. We take an eco-friendly approach with our clients and together we develop alternative solutions to improve our environmental responsibility,” explains Leander Kritikos, President of Procos. 

With its eco-friendly solutions, PROCOS offers secondary packaging that is increasingly eco-responsible and continues to deepen its research to propose sustainable packaging solutions. “Our objective is to offer brands luxurious, innovative and environmentally friendly solutions” explains Leander Kritikos. 

For several years now, Procos has been working on environmental protection, offering FSC® certified papers (with more and more PCW fibers), using soy-based inks, water-based glues and varnishes, and increasingly ecological handles (100% cotton, RPET, and especially paper). 

Raising awareness of end-of-life issues in eco-design processes 

Eco-awareness is at the heart of Procos’ business and development activities. This very marked approach helps to integrate stakeholders in the management of innovations. A transparent approach can be adopted by obtaining an overview of the environmental impact of the products developed.

« Being environmentally friendly is not an obligation for us, but a necessity. It has been firmly anchored in the company’s policy since the creation of Procos. For example, we have set up systems for recycling used inks, air purification and waste water cleaning. We also use less and less plastic to offer single material items. We are taking all necessary measures to reduce CO2 emissions from our packaging,” says Leander Kritikos. 

At Procos, more and more products are produced locally in order to be closer to the final consumer and thus reduce the carbon footprint.