Many brands that sell their products via retail channels are showing a desire to develop a full line of branded packaging to present their goods. Using a combination of pouches, boxes and ribbon (for example) adds a lot of value at the point of sale and helps create the ultimate customer experience. However, sourcing multiple suppliers and bringing all the elements together is challenging enough, before even considering the consistency of finishes and logistical arrangements! But now …

After many years providing expertise in premium bags, boxes, ribbon and tissue paper, luxury packaging manufacturer Procos GmbH has now extended its range to woven products such as pouches, cases, garment covers and more. In order to demonstrate the potential of utilizing its one-stop-shop offering, Procos has created “Yourbrand” – A fictitious brand with two comprehensive lines of packaging, one produced with cosmetics in mind and the other directed towards fashion.

Under the spotlight

Cosmetics – With a white design that features sparkling wavy colors. The paper used for the bags and boxes is bright extra white paper that uses 100% post consumer waste in production and the woven pouch is pure siliconized cotton.

Fashion – A design that flirts with matching tones, using black and brown colours. The paper used is 30% post consumer waste, the flap pouch is pure cotton canvas on the outside and inside an ultra-soft microfiber material, the garment cover is peached cotton fabric and the duffel bag is pure cotton canvas with a waxed cotton drawstring.

“Yourbrand” showcases the power of consistent design across a wide variety of packaging solutions. The fashion line in particular highlights the beautiful materials and weaves available in the new range of woven products. The ultimate objective is of course, to provide inspiration to designers, brands and retailers and offer an open invitation to collaborate on personalised ranges. To discuss the requirements of any project in more detail, contact Procos using the details provided below.