At the third annual luxury packaging awards in London on Sept 14th 2016, Procos has won the award in luxury shopping bag category. The nominated contestants are judged by an exclusive judging panel including packaging developers and specifiers from well known organizations.

Here are some facts on the award winner project:
Bacardi approached Procos to produce a new goody bag for the Bombay Sapphire brand. Both firms demonstrate high passion for their classy products and amongst others this has been a successful key factor in previous relations as well as in producing this eye-catcher bag of most luxurious standard.

Distributed to a unique target group at PR events around Europe, the Bombay Blue Sapphire bag held a 0,7l Gin bottle, 1 balloon glas, Fevertree bottle, Moleskine notebook and ballpoint pen. Other than the requirement to have enough space for all goods, the brief included a fairly complex geometrical design concept. The design needed to demonstrate exclusivity, quality and most importantly establish a connection for any bag carrier between the paper bag and the Bacardi product as such. With this in mind, Bacardi chose to work with Procos because of our expertise in printing and finishing techniques and because this particular project would require the highest level of attention to detail and quality control.

In order to create a good fit between the bottle and the carrier bag, the background of the bag exterior was designed with several shades of blue, which fade from one shade to the next in a flowing pattern. The black imprint on top of this background feature design elements of the Bacardi specific Gin ingredients, the Juniper berries, lemon, Cinnamomun Cassia and Coriander e.g. It acts as connection between the bag and the bottle inside. This printing is accomplished by 5C offset print.

To enforce the exclusive effect on these design elements, a glossy relief varnish is added on top. Equally the varnish adds a flowing, liquid-like look to the bag in general – according to light reflections the look of the varnish and experience of the bag changes.

The hotfoil stamping golden logo on the right lower corner of the bag – also with UV varnish on top – combines the modern look with Bacardis British origin of the colonial times.
To ensure a seamless transition between the 5 colour offset printing and UV varnish, an extremely small level of tolerance had to be provided by Procos production and was successfully accomplished.

Find out more about the award here.