Nowadays, product packaging seems to be in a constant stage of development, as manufacturers continue to introduce new innovations in body shape, decoration, dispensing, security and more. However, one very important packaging item that doesn´t seem to have experienced any significant change is the shopping bag. Of course, they offer prime high street advertising space and brand circulation, so we see a lot of individuality in their artwork, but there is almost no variation in their rectangular physical form…

Of the millions of branded shopping bags on display around the world, the absolute majority feature the classic, bottom side folding construction. Although this does allow them to be flat packed and protected from deformation in transit, there is a distinct lack of variety. Furthermore, a lot of companies dislike the fold created across one face of the bag, or the need for glue to seal the bag completely during an additional, manual production phase.

In a bid to provide a genuinely attractive and practical alternative, luxury packaging manufacturer Procos GmbH is excited to unveil the new “Basket Bag”. The concept is in fact very simple, once produced the bag is cut-out straight along the roll from turntop to turntop with reinforcement side flaps at the base. Then, a set of 3 snap buttons are applied to both sides, so the bag can be assembled by pushing them together. There is no restriction on the decoration techniques available and any kind of handle can be attached as well.

The end result is a bag that stands out from the crowd, with beautiful rounded sides and a sophisticated, uniform-like appearance of the buttons running from top to toe. The Procos technical team is also looking at other cool alternatives, so look out for those coming soon! In order to discuss the wide range of packaging solutions (including new woven products) that Procos offers, contact your local office.