The “Grace Box” embodies the perfect fusion of strength and lightness, offering an incomparable experience each time it’s opened. 

Carefully designed, this eco-friendly box pushes the boundaries of sustainability. Made of eco-friendly materials, it is a testament to our commitment to the planet” says Leander Kritikos, CEO of Procos

Three versions are available: a lacquered version with a magnetic closure, a single-material version without a magnet in two colours and two constructions (Construction 1: Box + lid; Construction 2: Box with groove + lid). 

 ©Procos – The Grace box white lacquered version 

 Procos is therefore proud to announce the launch of its latest creation, a state-of-the-art ecological packaging solution that reflects the company’s unwavering commitment to environmental preservation and human well-being. 

The Grace Box represents a breakthrough in sustainable packaging and responds to the growing demand for environmentally friendly alternatives. Over the past few months, Procos has used its creativity to develop this innovative, patented concept that addresses concerns related to the planet’s environmental challenges. 

At the heart of the “Grace Box” is an innovative composition made mainly from ultra-condensed recycled brown cardboard. This ensures that this new box is fully recyclable and reusable, depending on the finish, significantly reducing plastic waste and its harmful impact on the environment.

©Procos – The Grace box blue single material version / The Grace box with 3 versions

Main features of the Grace Box: 

  1. Environmental Consciousness: The Grace Box sets new standards in terms of eco-responsibility, being approx. 10% lighter than a grey board and approx. 30-40% lighter than a wooden box. By choosing the Grace Box, Procos customers are actively helping to reduce CO2 emissions. 
  2. Profitability: The “Grace Box” offers substantial financial advantages, being approx. 10-15% cheaper than conventional grey cardboard boxes of the same thickness. This convincing economic aspect allows brands to make sustainable choices without compromising their profitability. 
  3. Redefined reliability: With its exceptional durability, the Grace Box” effectively resists deformation, ensuring that valuable products are perfectly protected throughout their journey. 

The Grace Box embodies our vision to drive positive change in the packaging industry. By introducing this environmentally friendly solution, Procos aims to revolutionize the way companies approach their packaging needs and contribute to a greener, more sustainable world.” said Leander Kritikos, CEO of Procos. 

The Grace Box comes at a critical time when companies around the world are actively seeking environmentally friendly alternatives to reduce their carbon footprint. With its unrivaled combination of durability, cost-effectiveness and reliability, this new lightweight box is destined to make a significant impact from retail to online sales, as well as in the watch, jewelry, cosmetics and many other sectors. 

Procos invites all environmentally conscious brands to embrace the Grace Box and share its vision for a cleaner, healthier planet for generations to come.