The delivery, a new shopping experience for the consumer 

Procos introduces a new shipping box with two new foldable and eco-friendly boxes, “YOGA” and “YOGA Light“.
For e-commerce related deliveries, these boxes find their originality thanks to a flexibility that saves space and a “Wow” surprise effect when receiving and discovering the items ordered.
These two new boxes produced by Procos are not named “YOGA” and “YOGA Light” by chance. Both evoke the Yoga exercises that help to train the body in many positions in order to progressively increase mobility.
Apart from flexibility, their advantage lies in the surprise effect they provide!

They consist of two parts each:
• An outer shipping box made from corrugated cardboard
remains discreetly simple with two adhesive strips on
the top and can be customized on the inside with
colors, patterns and prints.
• An inner box in which the product is placed has the
same value as a gift. There are no limits to its
perfection, be it embossing, printing of photos and
graphics, matte or glossy finishes. 

Two versions exist for this luxurious inner box: YOGA and YOGA Light, with a weight difference of about 20% and a price difference of about 5-6%.
Upon delivery, these boxes arrive folded flat to save space.
They can then be easily assembled and shaped in the blink of an eye for shipping to the consumer.

The luxury of e-commerce!

After opening the first shipping box, the consumer gets something special from the second unique box which allows him discover his products. The delivery of his online purchase then becomes a unique shopping experience.
The plus: The simplicity of the outer shipping box reinforces the seductive look of the inner box.
To match the product, a wide range of sizes for folding boxes made from a single 100% recyclable material is available.
Practical, functional, space-saving, user and eco-friendly (100% recyclable materials) – “YOGA” and “YOGA Light” are new assets in e-commerce shipping, and can also be used in gift boxes for retail.