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Luxury Tissue Paper & Accessories

Created: 28 May 2021 / Categories: Luxury Tissue Paper & Accessories

WE ALL HAVE AN IMPACT ON THE WORLD  You have a very special product request? Ask us – we design eco-friendly tissue paper and packaging accessories according to your individual

Luxury Fabric Items

Created: 17 May 2021 / Categories: Luxury Fabric Items

THE EARTH IS A FINE PLACE AND WORTH FIGHTING FOR The quality of our fabric items means everything to us. When it comes to cotton bags, jute bags, canvas bags,

Luxury Ribbons

Created: 17 May 2021 / Categories: Luxury Ribbons

THE ENVIRONMENT IS WHAT WE ALL SHARE  Why should you work with Procos? Because Procos cares about that one planet we all have in common and offers you eco-friendly solutions

Luxury E-Commerce Boxes

Created: 17 May 2021 / Categories: Luxury E-Commerce boxes

WHAT YOU DO MAKES A DIFFERENCE Let’s make the difference together by reducing your brand’s carbon footprint through the e-commerce packaging you use. Eco-friendly packaging is here to stay, and ...

Luxury Boxes

Created: 17 May 2021 / Categories: Luxury Boxes

BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE  How do packaging and environmental awareness fit together? If you want to act more environmentally conscious as a company, you don’t have to