Why pack products first and then use an additional carrier bag as well?
The importance of packaging to brands and retailers is undeniable, but the necessity for it does present many problems and not just by way of financial burden. When you’re managing stock levels of products across multiple stores it’s easy to forget that rigid packaging is not only awkward to pack and ship, but it needs to be stored somewhere too! Product packaging is also a regular issue when discussing the topic of waste reduction, so retailers, designers and manufacturers must explore new ways of reducing the effect it has on the environment we live in.

German based luxury packaging manufacturer Procos GmbH is in constant dialogue with clients throughout the EU on these issues.  A common concern is the traditional packing of products in a box first, only to use an additional carrier bag as well. Furthermore, most companies would like to increase the life expectancy of their packaging and create something that offers a practical benefit to the consumer. In response, the development team at Procos has come up with a clever and exciting new packaging innovation…

The new (patent pending) “Luxury Carrier Box” combines the sturdy, protective qualities of a box and the practicality and fashion statement provided by a branded shopping bag. The entire structure is collapsible, which allows for easier shipping and requires far less storage space than regular boxes. The luxury carrier box significantly reduces material consumption and wastage, making it an environmentally friendly packaging solution, as well as reducing cost!

More benefits of the Luxury Carrier Box:

  • Space-saving storage and shipping, thanks to the intelligent folding system
  • Cost reduction by significantly lower material requirements
  • Cleaner production by immense waste reduction
  • Simple and easy handling with practical magnetic adhesion and quality lock drawstrings
  • Potential domestic storage unit for the consumer!

For more information, or to discuss any requirements you have for bags, boxes, tissue paper, garment covers and more, contact Procos.