We are pleased to introduce you our new IT-bag. 

Procos is fully aware that our world is becoming more and more digital. That’s why we have developed a packaging solution that invites you to interact with him online. The new IT-bag, introduced at PCD Paris 2019, is perfectly attuned to the fair’s motto “connected”: The bag contains a smart little NFC chip, which is marked by the official NFC symbol. If you activate the NFC function on your own smartphone and keep it in front of the NFC symbol, your browser will open and you will be directed to a certain landing page, like this.

The name of the IT-bag combines the digital thought of “Information Technology” with the lifestyle idea of a trendy must-have with the “certain something”. The latter is alluding to the feeling of luxury that Procos transports with all its packaging solutions. With its trendy handbag shape and high-quality materials, the IT-bag is more than just a packaging – it conveys a sense of luxury. Environmental friendliness is just as important to Procos as innovation and a luxurious look. That’s why all materials of the IT-bag are fully compostable, made of natural materials and contain no plastic.

In addition, the IT-bag expresses the passion with which Procos works on new packaging solutions day by day. With the utmost care, attention to detail and the best materials, we aim to create new, progressive products in precious, discreet, and outstanding designs.

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