Luxury packaging and sustainability

Sustainability is of central importance to the packaging industry. With innovations in the field of packaging and ever more flexible and resource-saving packaging systems, we make our contribution to sustainability.

Our goal for sustainability in the packaging industry

Our goal is to develop solutions that reduce the consumption of resources in packaging as much as possible. We always develop new strategies to meet the demands of tomorrow.

Our commitment

We are constantly optimizing our products and manufacturing processes in order to make them even more environmentally friendly. That’s why we use FSC®-certified raw materials and offer fully compostable packaging and mineral oil-free printing.

Workshops for our customers

In workshops, we provide our customers with information to support sustainable design and printing, so they can incorporate environmental friendliness into their product choices.

Purely of paper: These products are absolutely environmentally friendly

Discover our “The One Material Bag” – a carrying bag made of pure paper.